FREE Webinar: How To Get 100% Funding For Your Real Estate Deals – With No Banks or Credit Needed

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Kent Clothier

Founder of Real Estate Worldwide
What You Will Learn On This Free Webinar:
Secret #1: How To Fund Your Projects... Regardless Of Your Financial Situation
How you can get access to our $500 million dollar real estate funding pool to pay for your projects… regardless of your financial situation.
Secret #2: How To Get Funding FAST, So You Can Start NOW
How to get this funding FAST. Our investors are fighting to give us more money to fund more deals and we can’t keep up on our own!
Secret #3: The Exact Systems To Find, Rehab and Flip For Max Profits
Our perfected systems for finding, rehabbing and flipping properties for maximum profits.
And If You Stay Until The End... Get A FREE Bonus:
  20 Property Rehab Tips From Stan Gendlin, Certified Property Rehab Specialist Instructor
Stan Gendlin is the founding member of Gendlin Homes, LLC, a South Carolina-based company dedicated to the acquisition and re-development of real estate investments. Stan is a full-time investor who has been buying, fixing and selling real estate for more than 8 years. Before starting his company, he bought and sold more than $71 million in real estate since 2012 with CT Homes, LLC.

Deliverables: 20 videos and 20 transcripts!