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Dave Brown

CEO and Founder of American Snippets, Dave’s been in the real estate industry now for over 16 years. In that time he’s honed his skills as a successful internet marketer, coach and real estate investor. He is passionate about assisting others in obtaining their own success and over the last five years Dave has coached hundreds of experienced and novice entrepreneurs alike. 

Kent Clothier

Kent Clothier is the country’s leading real estate wholesaling expert. His family’s company, Memphis Invest is one of the leading real estate investment companies in the country - flipping hundreds of single family homes each year.

The Investor Special
Normally $4,994
Today: $2,490
What You Get When You Join Today:

Certified Real Estate Wholesaling Specialist

As a Certified Real Estate Wholesaling Specialist, you are uniquely qualified to build and help real estate investment businesses leverage new innovative marketing channels to grow their customer base, to create highly profitable wholesale opportunities, and do it all without breaking the bank. 

In short, Real Estate Wholesaling Specialists are able to not only deliver fresh leads and customers…they are able to deliver those leads and customers, negotiate the deals, and bring home the profits.​
  •   How to use a contrarian methodology and business model to create an unfair advantage in your market. We call this our “Reverse Wholesaling process”.
  •   How to find and focus on the “CASH-PAYING”, multi-deal buying, Whales that are sitting in your market right now.
  •   How to use proven marketing techniques to create highly effective campaigns that make these buyers fight to do business with you!
  •  The 5-step SYSTEM for taking these buyers and turning them into fast and repeatable profits
  •  How to use the “Hedge Fund Strategy” to get your local real estate market bringing you highly profitable deals with almost no effort on your part
  •  The traffic system that automates all of your marketing and brings cash buyers AND highly motivated sellers right to your desktop everyday
  •  How to begin making the “shift” to successful entrepreneur from unsuccessful business owner of the dreaded person stuck in a J.O.B.
  •  3 fool proof ways to get zeroed in on the “perfect offer” for any property in any city, and in any condition
  •  How to remove ALL RISK from the wholesale transaction and make even the newest real estate investor feel perfectly comfortable making multiple offers a day
  •  The simple formula to begin scaling up your marketing and ultimately scaling up your wholesaling business
  •  Not sure how to fill out the contracts or what legal rules you should know? We got you covered. It’s all in the course
  •  How to convert prospects into RABID BUYERS of multiple properties a year
  •  How to convert any motivated seller into a “deal” with 4 separate close scripts for each type of seller and situation
  •  The ultimate “deal analyzer” for a quick breakdown on any offer in seconds
  •  The 3-step traffic SYSTEM that automates relationship building to turn cold prospects into brand evangelists
  •  How to leverage the internet and your local market to become the “go to” real estate player that can do deals with minimal involvement
  •  The best resource guide for online and offline resources that any wholesaler must have
  •  The exact copy and paste marketing to use for buyers, sellers, and private lenders in any market
When you finish this class, acquiring new cash buyers and turning those buyers into profitable wholesale deals will be as simple as clicking a mouse. It sounds outlandish, but that’s exactly what “Real Estate Wholesaling Specialists” do.
Plus, You Get Property Rehab Specialist

Property Rehab Specialist

There are an immense number of opportunities for savvy real estate rehabbers today.

As a Certified Property Rehabbing Specialist, you will gain what you need to march in with a strong start or do-over, and get on the fast track to the results you want the most.
  •   Key team members for rehabbing houses.
  •   When to rehab versus Wholesale and Wholetail.
  •   The types of homes to avoid!
  •  How to use the Quick Estimating Guide
  •  The four levels of Rehabbing
  •  What level to take your improvements to
  •  Conducting pre-purchase inspections
  •  3 fool proof ways to get zeroed in on the “perfect offer” for any property in any city, and in any condition
  •  Executing due diligence on time
  •  Creating a detailed scope of work
  •  How to effectively manage contractors and subcontractors
  •  When to self-manage or hire a project manager
  •  Creating systems for the entire rehab process
  •  Working with Realtors
  •  Listing price strategy
  •  Systems for lead follow up and fielding purchase offers
This REWW Certification is a vital and valuable asset for investors in the marketplace. Get certified, get savvy and get better results.
Plus You Get S.M.A.R.T. FREE For 90 Days, Access to the Exclusive REWW Study Hall and Training Group on Facebook packed with exclusive content and real world experiences. 
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